How Molecules Come to Life: Biophysics Vision 2016
an NSF Workshop

Westin Arlington Gateway
801 North Glebe Road
Arlington, VA
Ernest Hemingway Salon 2, 2nd Floor
April 28-29, 2011

The goal of physics is to explain the world around us using a set of guiding principles that are quantitative, simple and universal all at the same time. One of the great challenges for physics in this new millennium is to achieve this goal with regards to the world of living systems; in other words, explain how molecules, acting together, "come to life." This challenge is made formidable by the complexity of the cell environment; its large spatial and temporal fluctuations; the requirement of high resolution to probe functional events and reaction kinetics; and the wide range of space and time scales that render computational problems intractable.

Nevertheless, more and more scientists are endeavoring to pursue the creation of a quantitative narrative for the living organism, and trying to apply simple physical principles towards the understanding of living systems. The meeting "How Molecules Come to Life: Biophysics Vision 2016" aims to bring together people of this creed to present their views on where the physics of living cells stands and where it can go in the coming years. Among the themes covered in the meeting will be the molecular picture of gene regulation; physical limits on cellular accuracy; the role of physical forces in the cell; spatiotemporal dynamics in multicellular development; and more.

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