Phd Student Position at imedea nanociencia

1/14/2019 1:28:28 PM CPLC Staff

Job Position Description - PhD student

The proposed research project fits into the category of Single-Molecule Biophysics. This is a new, highly interdisciplinary field aimed to define and quantify the molecular mechanisms that govern the operation of biological systems. Spanning the distance between the complexity of life and the simplicity of physical laws is the challenge of biophysics. Therefore, a graduate student with a background in Biology, Chemistry or Physics, looking forward to decipher the mechanisms of life will definitely enjoy and will carry out successfully the proposed research.

The candidate will combine nano-technological tools (optical tweezers), molecular biology techniques and statistical physics approaches to tackle from a completely new perspective the study of one the most common infectious respiratory diseases in humans, ‘the flu’. The development of an in singulo method to study the real-time dynamics of biologically active viral genomes will provide a unique tool to identify new potential therapeutic targets and to understand the molecular effects of antiviral drugs.

The candidate training plan and activities will include:
* Biochemical and Molecular Biology Techniques for the preparation of biological systems under
* Use of force spectroscopy techniques, Optical Tweezers, for the study of biological systems at
the level of individual molecules.
* Programming: MatLab and C++, for data analysis and software update.
* Use of Statistical Mechanics tools for the analysis and modeling of results.
* Attendance and participation in courses and congresses.
* The candidate will benefit from the network of national and international collaborations
already established to carry out this project: Molecular Genetics of RNA Viruses Lab at Pasteur
Institute, Paris (PI: Prof. Nadia Naffakh) and the Structural Virology Lab at CNB-CSIC, Madrid (PI: Jaime Martin-Benito).

If you are interested in this position, please email:

Prof. Borja Ibarra

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