Postdoctoral Fellow or Research Scientist - University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY USA

2/13/2019 12:17:43 PM CPLC Staff

There is a fundamental gap in understanding how stalled DNA replication forks are rescued. To understand the mechanism of stalled DNA replication fork reactivation the interplay between the single stranded DNA binding protein (SSB) and key fork rescue enzymes on nucleoid templates will be studied. Two key, complementary approaches will be used: magnetic tweezers and optical tweezers combined with real-time fluorescence microscopy.

The Bianco laboratory at the University at Buffalo is looking for postdoctoral fellows who have 1 or more publications from their PhD, in internationally recognized journals to work on this project. The position is fully funded by an NIH grant. For more information, see the following publications:

1. Manosas, M., S.K. Perumal, P.R. Bianco, F. Ritort, S.J. Benkovic, and V. Croquette, RecG and UvsW catalyse robust DNA rewinding critical for stalled DNA replication fork rescue. Nat Commun, 2013. 4: p. 2368.

2. Sun, Z., H.Y. Tan, P.R. Bianco, and Y.L. Lyubchenko, Remodeling of RecG Helicase at the DNA Replication Fork by SSB Protein. Sci Rep, 2015. 5: p. 9625.

3. Bianco, P.R., S. Pottinger, H.Y. Tan, T. Nguyenduc, K. Rex, and U. Varshney, The IDL of E. coli SSB links ssDNA and protein binding by mediating protein-protein interactions. Protein Sci, 2017. 26(2): p. 227-241.

4. Tan, H.Y., L.A. Wilczek, S. Pottinger, M. Manosas, C. Yu, T. Nguyenduc, and P.R. Bianco, The intrinsically disordered linker of E. coli SSB is critical for the release from singlestranded DNA. Protein Sci, 2017. 26(4): p. 700-717.

5. Bianco, P.R., L.R. Brewer, M. Corzett, R. Balhorn, Y. Yeh, S.C. Kowalczykowski, and R.J. Baskin, Processive translocation and DNA unwinding by individual RecBCD enzyme molecules. Nature, 2001. 409(6818): p. 374-8.

6. Brewer, L.R. and P.R. Bianco, Laminar flow cells for single-molecule studies of DNA protein interactions. Nat Methods, 2008. 5(6): p. 517-25.

7. Pezza, R.J., R.D. Camerini-Otero, and P.R. Bianco, Hop2-Mnd1 condenses DNA to stimulate the synapsis phase of DNA strand exchange. Biophys J, 2010. 99(11): p. 3763- 72.

To apply send a cover letter, PDFs of your papers and CV to:

Dr. Piero Bianco

Center for Single Molecule Biophysics University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY USA


Or wechat: Pierobianco2017