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UChicago Junior Faculty search in Biochemistry/Biophysics

10/8/2019 4:44:32 PM


The Biochemistry and Molecular Biology has opened a search for someone studying macromolecular dynamics, structure and function, broadly speaking. The department of biophysicists, biochemists, and chemists is very collaborative, and we are especially interested in applicants who are women, underrepresented minorities, and/or members of protected classes. Our Krios cryoEM will have "first light" in this month.

More information could be found here:


Anton Arkhipov, Ph.D., Assistant Investigator (Allen Institute for Brain Science)
Anton Arkhipov, Ph.D., Assistant Investigator (Allen Institute for Brain Science)
Anton Arkhipov, Ph.D.

Assistant Investigator (Allen Institute for Brain Science)

PhD advisor: Taekjip Ha

Education: During the first funding period, CPLC supported fully or partially 59 postdoctoral fellows and graduate students; 33 postdoctoral fellows from the CPLC labs and recent PhDs from the CPLC labs obtained tenure-track faculty positions.

CPLC PhD graduates who obtained tenure-track faculty positions (14 total): (1) H. Park, Physics, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, (2014).  (2) E. Villa, Chemistry, UC San Diego (2013). (3) I. Cisse, Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2013). (4) Y. Liu, Medicine, Harvard Medical School (2013). (5) E. Toprak, Systems Biology, U. Texas Southwestern, Dallas, Texas (2013). (6) M. Sotomayor, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Ohio State U. (2012). (7) A. Arkhipov, Allen Institute for Brain Science, Seattle (2012). (8) J. Gumbart, Physics, Georgia Tech (2012). (9) C. Kural, Physics, Ohio State U. (2012). (10) Y. Wang, Physics, Chinese University of Hong Kong (2012). (11) F. Khalili, Physics, U. Illinois at Chicago (2012). (12) R. Roy, Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India (2012). (13) C. Joo, BioNanoScience, TU Delft, Netherlands (2011). (14) G. Scott, Chemistry, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (2011).