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About K-12 ProgramAbout K-12 Program

The Center for the Physics of Living Cells (CPLC) K-12 Outreach Program aims to develop curriculum resources that bridge the gap between research at the fronteirs of science and learning in secondary science classrooms. To do this, we develop partnerships with local schools and community organizations to develop and teach lessons and labs that allow children to wear the hat of a scientist and participate in authentic laboratory investigations and hands-on activities. These lessons challenge students to become better problem solvers and improve their confidence and interest in science. They also help teachers connect current biological physics research with their curriculum as well as state and nationals standards. These partnerships also provide CPLC graduate students with the training in K-12 outreach and teaching that will encourage participation in outreach in the future while also improving their ability to communicate science to diverse audiences.

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For more information about our K-12 outreach, of if you would like to set up an outreach collaboration between the CPLC and your school or organization, please contact:

Sharlene Denos, Ph.D. Sharlene Denos, Ph.D.
Associate Director for Education and Inclusivity
(217) 333-3393