CPLC Bilingual Science Education Program

    Since 2013, CPLC has joined the 4th and 5th grade bilingual classrooms at Leal Elementary School in the Urbana School District 116. CPLC teaching fellows work together with bilingual volunteers from the UIUC chapter of SACNAS to develop lessons and teach a variety of multidisciplinary activities in English and Spanish. Elementary students experience the science behind solar cells, waves, hydro energy, wind energy, polymers, pigment extraction from leaves, karyotypes, and microscopes. This program increases interest in scientific pursuit and encourages cooperative behaviors and problem solving. Today, this program has impacted over 175 students, 60 parents, and 7 teachers in the bilingual community.

    Our bilingual program was presented by our teaching fellows at the 2014 American Chemical Society Meeting (“Towards More Diverse and Interdisciplinary K12 Outreach”) and was expanded to the “Cena y Ciencias” and “Leal Science Night” family outreach events.