CPLC Program Evaluation

Measuring Our Human Impact:

1) Longitudinal Tracking of Students, Postdocs, and Participants. We continue to monitor the outcomes of current and recent graduate students, undergraduates, and postdocs. We will also begin a project focused on longitudinal tracking of all Center participants, including outreach program particpants (see Future Plans).

2) Monitoring the Diversity Climate. In order to maintain learning and working environments that promote diversity and inclusion, we worked with the Illinois Science and Technology Initiative (I-STEM) to perform and respond to a (2016-2017) study on the working and learning climate of the CPLC. We are designing a follow-up study to more narrowly track the diversity climate as well as student and postdoc preparedness for the workforce.

3) Internal Program Evaluation. We continue to perform internal evaluations of all education and outreach programs, using this feedback to inform programmatic changes throughout the year.