CPLC Seminar - Dr. Jared Schrader on Friday, September 20th


 Bacteria have distinct challenges to organize their cellular pathways as they generally lack membrane-bound organelles.  In eukaryotes, membraneless organelles called biomolecular condensates provide distinct liquid-liquid phase separated structures that organize cellular components.  We discovered the first biomolecular condensate type of organelle in bacteria that we termed Bacterial Ribonucleoprotein bodies (BR-bodies) composed of the RNA degradosome multi-protein complex and cellular mRNAs.  Here we will describe how the bacterium Caulobacter crescentus organizes ribonucleases, RNA helicases, and mRNA substrates into BR-bodies which stimulate mRNA decay.  We find that the intrinsically disordered region of RNase E controls the subcellular localization pattern of BR-bodies, and its ability to form BR-bodies is conserved across α-proteobacteria.  We propose that the formation of similar biomolecular condensate organelles may provide a particularly effective strategy for spatially organizing biochemical pathways in bacteria.



2/3/2014 Lance Cooper

weSTEM (Women Empowered in STEM) will provide a forum through which current and future STEM leaders can motivate and inspire each other to excel at the frontier of scientific advancement and develop solutions for the next generation of technical challenges. Women engineers and scientists with advanced degrees will share experiences from their academic and professional career paths and provide insight into their personal successes in STEM.

The program features:

-- Two keynote lectures for all participants to attend
-- Session talks where attendees may decide between concurrent talks in two tracks
-- Break out sessions for students and speakers to have open discussions on topics relevant to the conference talks
-- Social/cocktail hour for all attendees to mingle
-- Brunch and dinner

The speakers have been specially selected by members of the planning committee; they are people who have had an important impact on the academic/professional careers of the committee. We hope that weSTEM attendees will be motivated and inspired by these individuals, just as we were. We are excited to welcome students from the University of Illinois and SWE members from around the country to attend.

To register and for more information, go to: weSTEM (Women Empowered in STEM)