New Research from Golding & Kim Labs Featured in Cell & Nature Microbiology!

10/8/2019 4:04:12 PM

 Exciting new research from the CPLC's Golding and Kim labs was published this month in Cell and Nature Microbiology. See this Physics News article or the read the papers to learn more.


Scientific American (Feb. 3) -- Startups like mc10 and Scanadu seek to enable personal monitoring of physiologic parameters such as blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, and blood oxygenation. Tracking this information provides a richer set of data for clinicians and scientists, and individuals are empowered to understand their own data, potentially leading to greater engagement with their health issues. For instance, mc10, building on research by John Rogers, a professor of materials science at Illinois, is prototyping ultrathin, flexible, skin-adherent devices akin to smart Band-Aids. One potential application is continuously monitoring blood sugar – without needles. Also: The Journal News (White Plains, N.Y., Feb. 6). Also: USA Today (Feb. 6)