Dr. Isaac Li accepts a tenure track position at UBC!


Dr. Isaac Li accepts a tenure track position at the globally ranked University of British Columbia on the Okanagan campus located in Kelowna, Canada.  He will be joining UBC in the spring of 2016 from a joint position conducting research with Dr. Taekjip Ha and Dr. Yann Chemla at UIUC as part of the Center for the Physics of Living Cells in the Physics department.  Isaac will be continuing in a collaborative environment at UBC, which supports scholarly pursuits that contribute to knowledge and understanding within and across disciplines.

Dr. Li’s research focus is on the biomechanics of leukocyte adhesion, an important process to the human immune system.  While at the University of Illinois he developed an in vitro assay to quantitatively study the rolling adhesion. His scientific interests also include the development novel biosensors processes.

Dr. Isaac Li’s research will continue to focus on single molecule mechanobiology and cancer screening at the University of British Columbia.