High School Teachers Learn About the Physics of Life


From July 5th – July 15th, 2011, four high school teachers were immersed in CPLC labs, learning about research in living cells & receiving hands-on instruction in the latest single molecule, live cell experimental & computational biophysics techniques. Teachers also participated in hands-on biophysics lessons designed by CPLC scientists & created their own biophysics lessons based on what they learned here.


Lessons created include:

{C}1.     “From Motors to Proteins”, a physics lesson focusing on work and efficiency of human motors.

{C}2.     {C}“Simple Models and Protein Folding”, an interdisciplinary lesson that uses the example of protein folding to illustrate how models are created, improved and used by scientists.

{C}3.     {C}“Have Some Fluorescence with Your Brussels Sprouts!”, a lab in which students compare the fluorescence of extracted photosynthetic pigments and in-tact leaves.


For more information, see the 2011 Physics of Life Summer School flyer and workshop materials (password required).

For information on the upcoming Physics of Life Summer School for July 2012, contact the CPLC K–12 outreach coordinator, Sharlene Denos.