Summer School '10


The Center for the Physics of Living Cells (CPLC), held its 2nd annual CPLC Summer School from July 19-24, 2010 on the Illinois campus. The summer school, coordinated by Jaya Yodh, CPLC Director of Education and Outreach, was designed primarily for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in chemical and life sciences, biophysics, physics, and engineering in order to learn the latest single-molecule, live-cell experimental and computational biophysical tools to investigate biological problems. This year's Summer School included 29 graduate students, 7 post-doctoral fellows, and 1 assistant professor, with 36% from International institutions. The week-long summer school program included two-plus days of "basic training" elements including faculty lectures, a poster session, and introductory mini-courses on optics, software (Matlab, Labview), and Visual Molecular Dynamics (VMD). A subsequent four-day "advanced module" offered intensive training in one of eleven topics based on faculty areas of expertise:

Due to the unique combination of experimental, computational, and theoretical experts in the CPLC, the summer school provided a successful venue for on-site, hands-on integrative training. Both the mini-courses and advanced modules were taught by CPLC graduate students and postdoctoral fellows (25 this year), providing an excellent opportunity for our own trainees to gain valuable peer teaching experience as well as lay a foundation for global networking between the next generation of ‘physics of living systems’ scientists.

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