Jaya Yodh Presents at the NSTA Conference

March 18-21, 2010

Connecting Science Past with Science Future: National Conference on Science Education, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, March 18-21, 2010 'Edgy Science III' Presentation by Jaya Yodh at the National Science Teachers Association National Conference in Philadelphia, PA March 2010.

Jaya Yodh, Director of Education and Outreach in the Center for the Physics of Living Cells (CPLC), joined two other NSF Physics Frontier Center Outreach Directors—Randy Landsberg from Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics (KICP) and Chris Smith from the Center for Theoretical Biological Physics (CTBP) to give a presentation at the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) National Conference in Philadelphia, PA in March 2010. Their presentation, entitled, 'Edgy Science III from NSF Physics Frontier Centers' was designed to expose high school physics and biology teachers to research at the forefront of these two disciplines as well as provide educational resources for secondary school teachers.

A bacterial treadmillDr. Yodh gave a presentation about the CPLC with specific focus on recently published work from the Golding and Chemla laboratories on 'Studying E. Coli motility and chemotaxis using optical traps' as an example of how cutting edge physical techniques can be used to learn new information on biological processes. To view this talk and its movies, please visit: Jaya-Yodh-Edgy-Science-NSTA-2010.pdf.

Movies in Yodh Talk: http://research.physics.illinois.edu/chemlalab/photos.html.

In addition, Dr. Landsberg discussed KICP research focusing on 'Searching for Dark Matter in the Sewers of Chicago,' while Dr. Smith discussed the CTBP research on 'Rethinking what we thought we knew about 'Single Cells' Bacteria'.

For more information about our NSTA Edgy Science III presentation, visit: http://kicp.uchicago.edu/nsta10.

To view the entire presentation, visit: http://cfcpwork.uchicago.edu/kicp-projects/nsta/2010/pdf/nsta10-3.pdf.