Enhancing Stereotype Awareness Workshop

4/28/2019 3:35:08 PM

 Enhancing Stereotype Awareness Workshop: As physics is becoming a more diverse and inclusive field and, at the same time, more physicists are speaking honestly about their own experiences within it, it can be difficult to assess one’s own behavior and determine instances when we may unknowingly act out of bias or based on harmful stereotypes. To better work with each other and improve not just ourselves but also our field, it is useful to think of ways in which we can be more aware about invisible factors that at times influence our behaviors and cause discomfort, fear or misunderstanding in others. In the Enhancing Stereotype Awareness workshop some of these issues will be addressed through interactive activities and group exercises.  Participants will explore the formation and perpetuation of stereotypes and how to critically analyze them, increase their awareness of how stereotypes affect our behavior, and discuss other costs of stereotyping. 
While the workshop is organized by the Women in Physics and Astronomy group, it is open to everyone interested in improving their communication with colleagues, collaborators, potential employers and even friends. Designed to spark conversation and introspection instead of trying to state some 'correct way' of behaving, this workshop will aim to increase awareness and lead each individual to better understand and examine their own behavior, modifying it in the process in ways that suit them best.  

This workshop will be facilitated by the Office of Inclusion and Intercultural Relations. It will take place on Tuesday April 30th in Loomis Lab 276, starting at 6:00 p.m. Coffee and refreshments will be provided.