Scholar Communicators Program

This is a new formal training program for CPLC graduate students and postdocs. This program builds on the previous "CPLC Teaching Fellow" program, providing pedagogy training and K-12 outreach experience for two CPLC graduate students each year. It enables our students to build and maintain successful University/K-12 partnerships, to be more competitive for grants that require an outreach component, and to improve their ability to communicate science to diverse audiences. The Scholar Communicator program offers a wide variety of experiences that can be tailored to the unique skills and interests, as well as time constraints, of the students and their advisor(s). This involves a range of projects meant to engage unique audiences, such as medical professionals or policy makers. Current Scholar Communicator Roshni Bano (Chemla Lab) is contributing to the IRISE mentor training development. Scholar Communicator Angela Barragan (Luthey-Schulten Lab) planned the International Physics of Living Systems Education Meeting on March 1, 2019.


Angela Barragan

Roshni Bano