IGB Symposium - Rubisco Oxygenase: 50 Years of Progress and Looking into the Future

The symposium celebrates and highlights the centrality of Bill Ogren’s discovery of Rubisco oxygenase activity launching whole new fields of inquiry and whole new levels of understanding literally encompassing the enzyme to the globe. Join us as we hear from  speakers representing leadership in research on environmental dynamics from the microbial to the global that Ogren’s discovery has fundamentally impacted. Space is limited, register here to attend.Partial support for this event is provided by the Olga G. Nalbandov Lecture Funds at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Biological Physics (iPoLS) Seminar: Hee Sun Han (UIUC) "Nano- and microscale technologies for systems biology"

My group drives technological innovations in microfluidics and bioimaging for holistic profiling of complex biological systems. Microfluidics enables high throughput analysis of individual cells, viruses, and molecules while imaging probes the spatial architecture of cellular and molecular landscapes. Using the new platforms, we aim to establish a mechanistic understanding of how individual biological components (viruses or cells) drive systems of high complexity. In the first part of the talk, I will introduce the new microfluidic tools we have developed to achieve single virus/microbe genomics. Using the new tools, we aim to pioneer single virus genomics for comprehensive profiling of the mutational landscape and quantitative assessment of the key processes impacting virus evolution. In the later part of the talk, I will discuss our efforts to expand the scope of the current in situ single cell transcriptomics technology using various chemical approaches and a new analysis tool that extracts the colocalization pattern of genes.


Gottleib Lecture presented by the Biotechnology Center: Prof. David Craik

Gottleib Lecture presented by the Biotechnology Center.  (This lecture is in lieu of the Biochemistry Seminar.) More details to follow.

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