Protein-guided RNA dynamics during early ribosome assembly

1/10/2014 Hajin Kim, Sanjaya C. Abeysirigunawardena, Ke Chen, Megan Mayerle, Kaushik Ragunathan, Zaida Luthey-Schulten, Taekjip Ha and Sarah A. Woodson


Protein guided RNA
Protein guided RNA
To our knowledge, this collaboration between CPLC faculty Ha and Luthey-Schulten with Woodson at Johns Hopkins presents the first use of single molecule spectroscopy and all-atom simulations to obtain the frequency and direction of helix motions (not only populations) in a large RNA-protein complex. The first proteins to bind the RNA change the rRNA structure in a way that makes it easier for later proteins to join.  How ribosomal proteins recognize the RNA and change its structure so that other proteins can bind is not known. To address this gap, we used two and three-color single molecule FRET and molecular dynamics simulations to observe encounters between E. coli protein S4 and the 5’ domain of 16S rRNA in real time with precision and clarity unprecedented for any RNA-protein complexes. S4 is one of the first proteins to bind the 16S rRNA, and is needed to nucleate 30S ribosome assembly and for the fidelity of translation. At first, the S4-rRNA complex is dynamic and samples many structures, but after a few seconds, it converts to stable complexes that flip between two structures, a native structure and a non-native intermediate. Unexpectedly, nearly all successful S4 binding trajectories pass through the non-native intermediate, contradicting the usual assumption that proteins prefer to bind the natively folded RNA.

Nature, 2014, in press

12/13/2013 PivotRise

PivotRise is an internet startup company headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, that uses web technology and social science to strive for the grand mission of helping people redirect and pursue new careers beyond their experience and current expertise.

We are looking for a passionate, hard-working, and initiative Principal Software Engineer who has experience building cloud application(s) in a mission-driven environment. You will have an enormous opportunity to make a large impact on the design, architecture, and implementation of a brand new Web2.0 online application facing tens of millions audience.

- Responsible for hands-on development and maintenance of key system features from scratch.
- Will work closely with CTO to investigate design approaches, prototype new technology and evaluate technical feasibility.
- Will work in a Mission-Driven environment to quickly adapt and comprehend overall strategies and translate into technical details, and deliver high quality software against aggressive schedules.
- Will read, adapt, and improve existing codebase for better maintainability and integration with new features
- Will establish architectural principles, select design patterns and then mentor team members on their appropriate application.

Basic Qualifications
- Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or a field with equivalent skills set. Current college students who possess outstanding skills and experience are also encouraged to apply.
- The ability to comprehend strategic objectives and business logic, and center technical decisions on such understanding.
- The ability to define system architectures and explore technical feasibility tradeoffs based on both overall strategic priorities and technical rationality.
- The ability to take raw product requirements and develop software architectures and designs to bring them to life.
- Mastery of hands-on programming skills and tools of trade, including a variety of modern programming languages (Ruby on Rails, PHP, Python, and possibly Java, C/C++) and tools (i.e. PostgreSQL, GitHub, Linux, Heroku, Jira/Asana, New Relics, etc).
- Common sense in typical web application workflows, user experience and business logic.

Preferred Qualifications
- Experience building successful cloud production software systems and an understanding of design for scalability, performance and reliability.
- Demonstrated ability to mentor other software developers to maintain architectural vision and software quality.
- Excellence in technical communication with peers and non-technical cohorts.
- Hands-on experience using REST based social network APIs.
- Experience building recommendation engines
- Experience building Web 2.0 applications
- Data Science and Data Mining experience preferred

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PivotRise, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.